About Us

Change Coach is an initiative of Creative Communities International.

Creative Communities was established in 2002 to help communities unleash their potential. Over the years we have focused on: giving children independent mobility (we invented the Walking School Bus and other walk to school programs); designing great public spaces; and teaching design professionals the secrets of creating places with heart. All this work culminated in us developing the 7 Day Makeover, which enables communities to reinvigorate a public space in just seven days, and on a shoestring budget.

In 2018, we launched Change Coach, to assist individuals who want to make their lives count for something.

Creative Communities International has two directors: David Engwicht and Jodi Stojanov.

David Engwicht

David is a passionate designer, place maker, artist, author, communicator, and social inventor, best known as the creator of the Walking School Bus.

PPS in New York describe him as “one of the world’s most inventive thinkers on creating vibrant public spaces”. Nothing gives David greater joy than helping communities and individuals find their wings.

Jodi Stojanov

Jodi is a highly regarded Sociologist with eleven years experience working in both the government and community sector.

She has won a number of awards for her work setting up innovative pilot projects. Jodi brings to Creative Communities a passion for making the world a better place and has constantly added her own magic to our programs and services.