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“If you are really, really serious about creating some change in your life – and you want someone to hold you accountable – then we have created a 9 week coaching program for people just like you.”- Change Coach

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Rediscover your wings

“My mission is to help you recover the creativity you were born with and use it to create a meaningful and deeply satisfying life.”

– David Engwicht, Change Coach

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Make change happen

Why settle for just the book when you can get significant help in making change happen?

You will get a lot out of reading the book. But the Coaching Program will help you put what you’ve learned into practice – with discipline and structure. The Change Coach is there to guide you and keep you motivated and accountable.

By joining the Coaching Program you also get the support of an entire community who are on a similar journey. You get to tap into their collective wisdom. That alone is worth the price.

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Lifetime Access

You can watch the coaching videos and redo the coaching exercises as often as you like – for the rest of your life – with no ongoing fees. You read right. You will have lifetime access to the coaching sessions and to the Your New Wings Support Group at no extra charge.

Be an early adopter

We have a dream… a world-wide community of people making change happen in their life and their world – with creative flair.

So to kickstart this movement, we are offering the first 500 people who join the Coaching Program a 65% discount.

Be one of the early adopters! Simply put “first500” in the discount code box and pay just $170.45 instead of $487

– David Engwicht, Change Coach

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“One of the world’s most inventive thinkers”

– Project for Public Spaces, New York

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before beginning the program we ask you to choose a focus area where you want to stretch your wings. It can be your relationships; creative life; career; business; work environment, or making your life count by helping to create a better world. The more focused you are on improving a particular area of your life, the more you will get out of the coaching program.

Before beginning your coaching sessions, you need to have read Your New Wings. We will send you a free copy as part of your Starter Pack. Then you need to set aside about ninety minutes each week, for nine weeks, to meet your Change Coach at the Wings Café – a virtual coaching venue on your phone or computer. We ask you to allocate a regular time for this.

You will watch a short, inspirational conversation from your Change Coach. You will then undertake a series of exercises that will help you design your challenge for that week, which you then share with your Change Coach. This will take about thirty minutes. Sometime in the next seven days, you complete your challenge and report back what you have gained from the experience to you Change Coach. Your challenge will take about one hour.

Simply knowing your have wings will not help you fly higher. You have to exercise them, which is why this coaching is not focused so much on learning as it is on actions that get you moving forward.

We will post you one copy of Your New Wings, personally autographed by the Change Coach along with a Deep Change Journal. And there may be a little surprise – because we love surprises at the Wings Café. You will also get access to your very own, personalized learning centre at In addition, you will also get access to a whole support community.

No. We want you to be 100% committed to stretching your wings. If we offered a refund you may be tempted to not take the program seriously enough. Part of our job as your Change Coach is to hold you accountable.

You can, but you must complete all the elements sequentially. However, you will get more out of the coaching program by taking the full nine weeks because it gives you a whole week to mull over what you’ve learned from the Change Coach and to practice what you’ve learned. Besides, we don’t want you getting caffeine overload.

If unexpected circumstances arise, don’t panic. We understand. Simply resume your coaching sessions as soon as possible – anytime, day or night. The Change Coach never sleeps and the Wings Café never closes. Ah, the marvels of technology.

When you sign up to the coaching program, you will be invited to join a closed Facebook page, which is for people who are doing the program or have graduated from it. Here you can ask questions, share your experiences or be inspired by other people who are in the process of stretching their wings..

Activated creatives – people who are living the dream, but want to soar even higher. Those who are permanently stuck – people who feel like they have been wading through quicksand as long as they can remember. And those who have suffered some kind of setback.

Ready to reclaim your wings?

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